The finished guitar is shipped out.
We Will Ride Again
The  guitar is taken to Mike Stoker who levels the frets, adjusts the set up and polices the wiring
The guitar is wired up
 Several coats of stain is hand rubbed into the wood, building layers.
In the end we have a "Cigarette Smoke" finish

∫ Final routes are cut for the body and pickguard.
√ Then the binding is glued on and held in place with tape and rubber bands.
​√ A grinder is used to shape the belly cut and other contours.

The neck fits nicely-so it's time to center the pickguard and cut the pick up cavities.

The brass pick guard is positioned on the body block

The neck pocket is cut so that the rest of the routes can be allingned with a final center line.

I always put a bit of Mojo in the sound cavity.

Fabricating the brass pick        

The body cavities are painted with shielding
​paint that is infused with metal.

The quarter inch peice of top Maple is glues and clamped onto the body.

The headstock scroll is carved and sanded

The headstock on the neck blank is cut to shape then the scroll is hand carved

Routing for the pickups I use a plywood template I made.

The body routing is finished. Next stop is gluing
on the top wood.

Routing out the cavites by hand.  Gotta do it by hand so I can make steps on the outter edge.  
That way when I contour the back I don't break though to the cavity.

Marking the parts of the guitar that will be routed out for chambering and pickups.

Took the plexi template and traced it onto the wood.

After jointing the wood I glued and clamped the body together.

Ran the wood through the Thickness Planer taking the body to about 1 1/2 inches, and the top to about 1/4 inch.

Picked up some Curly Maple for both the body and the top.

Drew the guitar on a plexi template and cut it out with a bandsaw.

Burly wanted a Postal Guitar built in the spirit of his trademark Fender Mustang.  Using that as a jumping off point I came up with this design
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