Postal Guitars have a range of octave guitars.

   Starting with 12 strings and then experiments with

   10 string octave guitars and 8 string bass guitars.
       Bound and chambered just right with an F Hole

   that gives is a resonate ring even unplugged. The 

   octave guitars are often thicker than most Postal         Guitars generally are to add an acoustic element.
       The guitars are 
distressed with moderate  i               intentional dings, irregularities and light scratches

   to match the ageof the antique hardware                     I use on them.
       The control plates are antique and the pick-             guards
 hand fabricated from antique brass, wood         and silver-plate over brass or copper.
       Except the bass guitars they
 have tilt-back               matching headstock hand carved with the Postal         Scroll which holds a US Government Patent.

        We go for the jangle on these though in the

   end they sound like nothing other than a Postal           Guitar.

 12&10 Strings 

  12 &10 String Guitars

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