Midnight Special


The Postal Handmade Midnight Special is the good

strong reliable tool you can count on.

This guitar has finally emerged out of various prototypes into it's final form.

Generally she is a bit less weight and you can order it with the Gibson scale 24 3/4 scale neck. 

​Often built from Ash, Maple, Walnut or Poplar (although you can order any wood that I can find). 

The Midnight Special has a bound chambered body with an optional F Hole.

The body is contoured on the back boud on front and hand stained then coated in a  Nitro finish.  

The neck now has the tilt back headstock with the US Patented Postal Scroll Headstock.

Generally the guitars have elements of distress to blend with the hand fabricated pick guard and antique hardware.

Many have a Bigsby vibrato unit, Schaller Roller Bridge and Hipshot Locking Tuners.   

The switches, pots and jacks are Switchcraft.

You can have any pickups you wish. 

I often use PAF style humbuckers and P-90s.  

Postal Guitars ​have full ringing sound even when they are not plugged in and then things just get better.


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