Microphone made from vintage microphones by Postal guitars

             Travelerwith ​built in Amp & Speaker                       

Electric Mandolin​                   

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Texas Fireball 12StringType 

Electric Mandolin made by Postal Guitars
The Delta Zephyr Guitar made by Postal Guitars

   Cannon Ball        


Telephonic Microphone​                            

Travel mini guitar some with built in amps
the Memphis Rocket and Memphis Rocket Deluxe are guitars made by Postal Guitars


Texas Fireball 12StringType 

The Dixie Flyer bass and Dixie Flyer Jr Bass are made by Postal Giuitars
Cutomon one of a kind a prototype guitars and other prioects made by Posal Guitars
Cantar Cigar Box or Oil Can type of Guitar made by Postal Guitars


The Midnight Special is a Guitar made by Postal Guitars


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